Kitchen Inspiration

Already browsed Pinterest and Houzz? Try these six unexpected ways to find design inspiration for your dream kitchen.

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Never Flush

Save your pipes: Don't flush these items down the john!

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Sink Shopping

Undermount, surface mount, wall mount, oh my! Here's how to get the right vessel for your kitchen or bath.

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Ultimate Toilet Reads

A dozen bathroom-themed longreads for your next trip to the john.

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Mess is Good for Kids

Why putting down the rag and embracing your kiddos' mess may help their brains grow.

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Now Trending: Black & White

We're loving everything about these refined B&W baths. Can you spot what else they have in common?

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17 Messes Only Moms Can Understand

Straight from Instagram, this is the #HappiMess only moms can understand.

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Control the Chaos

How to use towel bars and hooks to declutter your messy zones. Ingenious!

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Crushing on Kitchens

We’ve got a major crush on these four swoon-worthy kitchens.

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Your Shower Style

This five question quiz will help you discover that perfect, made-for-you showerhead you’ve been searching for. 

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New Features


Pinterest fails, oopsies and other messes only a mother could love.

Bath Ideas

Save water and get the day off to a rockin' start by timing your clean routine to these tunes.

Home Ideas

Updates and Renovations With a Return on Investment