Corrente Elongated Toilet

Model #:C43904-WH

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Color Shown: White
Toilet $315.00
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Watersense certified by CSA International

This product meets EPA criteria for WaterSense

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  • Gallons Per Flush: 1.28 gpf
  • Toilet Bowl Shape: Elongated
  • Bowl Height: Chair height
  • Seat Type: Standard Close / Quick Release Seat
  • SmartFit™ Tank-to-Bowl Connection: Yes
  • SmartFit™ Multi-Tool: Yes
  • SmartFit™ Supply Line: Yes
  • EZ Out™ Toilet Removal Kit: Yes
  • No Additional Tools Required for Installation

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Corrente Elongated Toilet 3.5 5 32 32
Seat wiggles and chain gets kinked I've reviewed this toilet on HD website and received an email from you but I can't seem to find the email. You recommended removing a rubber band from the toilet to help. This is not the case, the chain in the toilet gets kinked when you flush causing the flapper to stay open. We purchased 3 of them and everyone of them in the house has the same issue. I've attached pictures of how it kinks and how it should look. I think the toilet is beautiful, just don't want to go behind everyone in my family and fix the kink every time we use the bathroom. My second problem is that 1 of the seats wiggles and is crooked. I've tried to straighten it but it won't stay. December 5, 2013
This stylish and fashionable toilet looks great in our new remodeled bathroom. We installed this toilet in our new remodeled bathroom and it looks great! It was easy to install and we had it set up in a matter of minutes. I like that it received a ten out of ten rating for flushing power, it's virtually clog free, it conserves water and is watersense labeled. I also like that it has the SmartFit External Tank-To-Bowl Connector which is something I've never seen before and it's wonderful that it helps eliminates leaks. I'd recommend this toilet to anyone looking to buy a new one. It is trendy and fashionable and has a lot of great features as well. I have received a Delta Corrente toilet to facilitate my review. July 22, 2013
Great toilet but has a few flaws.......... Love the design and height of the toilet. It was incredible that the toilet came with clean up accessories. The removable seat makes it easy to clean. There are two problems that are constant, the toilet seat constantly moves and I have tightened so tight that I was in fear of actually breaking it. Again a few days later it was loose again. The other problem is that the toilet handle constantly comes loose no matter how tight you get it. This is a lot of maintenance for 2 toilets. Mind you they are brand new and that Delta just came out with them. I usually wait a few years to buy a new product so that they work out the bugs out. I should have listened to my own advice. Will see how they work in the long run. April 6, 2013
Easy To Install, You Won't Get Pooh Everywhere When I got the toilet, I was unsure if I was going to be able to really install it myself. They promote the easy to install features of the product, but I still had my doubts. The box contains a kit to help you remove your old toilet and clean up afterwards. It has all the supplies you need to install the product, but does not have the silicone it suggests to use on the base of the commode. But everything it was very easy to install and I didn't break anything or say, "that'll do". We've been using it for over a week and the whole family likes it. I would totally recommend this for the never done this before do it yourselfer June 27, 2013
Excellant toilet for a great price I'm not the best person at DIY but installation of this toilet was a snap! Not only was this toilet easy to install it is very stylish and functions exceptionally well. I replaced a 26 year old toilet that has had stoppages at least once or twice a week since the house was built, but now my plunger has finally gotten a well deserved rest. I am COMPLETELY satisfied with this product. April 17, 2014
Fabulous, high quality product. Easy Installation! I received a sample of this product in order to test and review it in my own home. We love our new Delta Corrente! It was easy to install, with everything needed to remove the old toilet and install the new one, included in the box! The whole process only took a few minutes and the sleek modern design dressed up our outdated bathroom, immediately. I love the water saving features, the powerful flush, the simple installation and the style. The only thing I didn't care for was the snap to fit toilet seat. No amount of adjustment ever changed the fact that it slides from side to side when someone sits on it. We replaced it with a traditional toilet seat and now, it's perfect! Highly recommended. July 31, 2013
1 delta, the next replacement will not be Purchased this for our first of three replacements. One year later, the toilet has never had any issues with being used, however it does have some issues. The toilet seat is terrible. Shame on me, should have realized it was plastic before I purchased it. However with multiple tightenings it still moves every time I use it. The flush handle is also an issue, it has cut both my wife and my hand. The construction of the bowl its self is great, the attention to detail on the accessory pieces is lacking at best. Delta would be better off to sell just the toilet bowl and let people buy a flush handle and seat aftermarket. It does not look like any other seat will fit this toilet. I would not buy this product again February 12, 2014
Does not work with Toto Washlets This is a very excellent design and well built toilet. We knew that this would be a long lasting product. We were sold on this by a Home Depot salesperson. Unfortunately, I cannot recommend this product to anyone who already has or is interested in adding a Toto Washlet. The Delta design does not allow the Toto adapter to 'tap' in to the supply line. It is possible; however, with a $100.00 custom adapter and mount (quote from plumber). Misinformation by a Home Depot salesperson plus an unnecessary modification will result in this product being returned to Home Depot. June 25, 2013
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