victorian Jetted Shower™ and Jetted Shower XO® Semi-Custom Shower System

How to order a complete Jetted Shower™ or Jetted Shower XO® Semi-Custom System

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Jetted Shower Rough + Trim

Choose 1 shower trim, and 1 shower roughfrom the products listed below (the price of the rough is included in the price of the trim). Select a Jetted Shower XO (eXtra Outlet) to add an additional showerhead, In2ition® Shower, XO Jet Module™ or hand shower

Jetted Shower XO® Additional Options

Jetted Shower XO® (eXtra Outlet) Semi-Custom Systems allow one additional component to be added from below.

XO Jet Module

The price of the rough is included in the price of the XO module.

Body Sprays

up to 4 body sprays counts as one component.

No Available Products

Hand shower

Choose 1 hand shower and 1 wall elbow from the products listed below.

in2ition® Shower

No more than one in2ition® shower recommended per pressure-balanced cartridge

No Available Products

Shower heads

To order a second shower head, or if your desired shower head does not ship standard with your selected trim style, choose 1 shower head, 1 shower arm, and 1 shower arm flange from the products listed below.

  1. The manufacturer's list price (U.S. dollars) is shown for comparison only. The actual retail price may be different from the price shown.