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When it's time to replace a toilet, your top concerns are easy removal of the old toilet and easy installation of an attractive and water-efficient new one. Delta understands. Available in three styles that have been beautifully designed for easy installation, maximum flush and water savings, the Delta® WaterSense® labeled two-piece toilets offer everything you need in a toilet.

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Maximum Flush, Save Money

Offering you maximum flush power while saving you money, Delta® 1.28gpf WaterSense® labeled toilets are virtually clog-free and offer savings of more than $90/year in reduced water bills.*

*EPA estimates that a family of four replacing its home’s older toilets with WaterSense® labeled models will, on average, save more than $90 per year in reduced water utility bills, and over $2,000 over the lifetime of the toilets.

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SmartFit™ Tank-to-Bowl Connection

The exclusive SmartFit system reduces potential leak points, over-tightening of the fasteners and cracking the toilet. Utilizing a metal bracket on the bottom of the tank to secure the bolts to the bowl, the SmartFit tank-to-bowl connection eliminates the need for holes typically found in the bottom of the tank. For the convenience of the installer, the three bolts on Delta® toilets are preassembled to the mounting plate.

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SmartFit™ Supply Line (Corrente™ model only)

While typical toilets utilize a hole in the bottom of the tank for the fill valve, some Delta® models offer tanks where the fill valve and the flush valve are combined; this allows the factory-installed supply line to enter at the back of the tank - above the waterline.

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No Additional Tools Required

Delta® toilet kit includes the tank, bowl, toilet seat, mounting hardware and wax ring. Integrated supply line models also include the factory-installed water supply line. Included in the box is the SmartFit™ Multi-Tool. This multi-function tool includes a wrench specifically designed to fit the bolts and a two-in-one screwdriver adapter to secure the other mounting components. No additional tools are required.

Bowl Shape

The Delta® Prelude™ model C41091-WH offers a round toilet bowl suitable for smaller spaces. The Delta® Prelude™ C43901-WH and Delta Corrente™ models, Corrente™ C43904-WH and Corrente™ C43904-WH-RSL, feature an elongated bowl for a more comfortable seat.

EZ Out™ Toilet Removal Kit (Corrente™ model only)

The Delta® EZ Out™ Toilet Removal Kit makes it easier to uninstall your old toilet by providing many of the items you need: a pair of disposable gloves, a disposable scraper, a highly absorbent sponge, and a cloth for cleaning up and to plug the floor drain when the toilet is removed.

Quick Release Seat (Corrente™ model only)

The Quick Release Seat on the Corrente™ model allows you to easily undock the seat to remove it for cleaning.

Chair Height

All Delta® toilet models offer ADA compliant Chair Height to make sitting down and standing up easier.

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