INDIANAPOLIS - The Delta® brand Traditional Shower System is designed to provide accessible showering to a wide range of users, while maintaining an elegant, traditional look in the bathroom.  The Traditional Shower System expands Delta Faucet's offering of universal design bathing and showering systems. 

"This enclosure offers a stylish option for homeowners who want an easy-to-use shower that also reflects the sophistication of their traditional décor," said Kathryn Needham, universal design product manager for the Delta brand.  "Like the rest of the Delta Faucet line, it offers a number of features that make it convenient for the user, as well as easy to install."

The most distinguishing feature of the Traditional Shower System is the arched center grab bar, which adds architectural detail as well as safety and convenience.  The flangeless design and brushed stainless finish provide a stylish look while meeting U.S. government standards for safety.  The center grab bar also serves as a slide bar for the handshower.

At 60" x 34", the Traditional Shower System fits into a standard bath/shower alcove, making the system ideal for remodeling projects as well as new construction.  Four shelves, two foot rests, and an available sturdy flip-up seat add to the shower's convenience and ease of use.  A 48" x 34" unit is also available.

With a low, two-inch threshold, the Traditional Shower System provides easy access to users of many ages and abilities.  The Delta brand Leland TempAssure® 17T Series shower valve to maintain consistent water temperature within ±3.6º F. The showerhead features Delta Faucet's exclusive TouchClean® design. The enclosures also include a Delta brand ActivTouch® handshower, which provides eight spray functions and a pause button to let the user temporarily stop the flow of water.

An alternative to custom tile shower alcoves, the Traditional Shower System ships as four-piece unit with grab bars and shower components factory-installed.  With Delta Faucet's patented bracket-and-cleat system, grab bars and seat hardware are attached to cleats on the back side of wall panels, which are in turn mounted to brackets screwed to the wall framing.  This allows wall panels to be installed in minutes.  More importantly, grab bars and seats are connected directly to the studs, maximizing strength and stability.

The Delta brand MultiChoice® universal valve is also included with the enclosure. This provides greater versatility for upgrading, allowing homeowners or contractors to quickly and easily change the shower trim and valve after the shower enclosure has been installed.

Delta brand Traditional Shower Systems are constructed of durable acrylic with a high-density Styrofoam and PVC backing.  They are certified by the International Association of Plumbing and Mechanical Officials (IAPMO), and come with a 3 year limited warranty for commercial use and a 5 year limited warranty for residential use. For more information, visit