INDIANAPOLIS- A 60-inch Delta® brand Transfer Tub offers a comfortable, accessible bathing experience for all users. The Transfer Tub is one of several Delta universal design bathing systems products.

"We designed the Transfer Tub with its exaggerated side ‘bump' to offer a safer bathing experience for people with limited mobility, as well as provide assistance to caregivers," said Kathryn Needham, universal design product manager for the Delta brand. "But the features of this product are features that enhance the bathing experience for anyone, from very small children to adults with full mobility, while its details and design allow it to fit into any home's décor without looking conspicuous."

Several innovative features are integrated into the Transfer Tub to help enhance its safety and accessibility. A flip-up bench allows bathers to sit at a comfortable height that makes it easy to get in and out. The bench can be flipped up or removed completely, allowing the Transfer Tub to be used like a conventional bath/shower unit.

Ergonomic handles positioned on the sides of the tub provide stability and assistance during entering and exiting the tub. A backrest molded into the tub basin adds comfort. A bump-out transfer area on the edge of the tub allows for easy transfer in and out of the tub, and provides an area for caregivers to sit.

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