INDIANAPOLIS – In the 1950s, Delta Faucet revolutionized the plumbing industry with the single handle kitchen faucet.  After more than 50 years of developing new technologies and designs, Delta Faucet refreshed its Classic single handle kitchen faucet, an industry icon, with an updated style and enhanced functionality, which includes the revolutionary DIAMOND™ Seal Technology. The result is a practical, hardworking faucet that will continue to withstand the test of time.


“This is the first time since its inception that Delta Faucet has made dramatic changes to the Classic single handle kitchen faucet,” said Kurt Backlund, Delta brand senior product manager.  “We are taking the faucet that made the Delta brand a leader, and updating it to increase its longevity and enhance the style.”


The redesign of the Classic single handle kitchen began with the desire to add DIAMOND™ Seal Technology, a revolutionary water delivery system that combines a durable DIAMOND™ Valve with InnoFlex® PEX waterways. The valve requires no lubrication, eliminates wear on seals, and ensures “like new” operation for the life of the faucet, lasting up to 10 times the industry standard. [1] The InnoFlex waterways eliminate potential leak points and are less hassle to install.


Waterways can be installed to directly to hot and cold water shut-off valves. No additional riser connections are needed.  Water does not come in contact with metal surfaces once inside the faucet, meeting all current and upcoming state and national lead free legislation. [2] Ultimately, the result is a product that performs better, lasts longer and is less hassle to install.


Additional features added to the enhanced Classic single handle kitchen faucet include:

Arched spout, which enables consumers to place larger pots and pans in the sink


Matching chrome-plated side spray, which coordinates perfectly with the faucet


Spoutstop that allows the spout to swing only 170˚ degrees – allowing ample flexibility to move out of the way while preventing interference with the backsplash



The clean styling and simple lines define the Classic kitchen offering. And, for a touch of nostalgia, the redefined Classic single-handle kitchen faucet will be available with an optional ball handle. The Classic bar/prep faucet offers a complete kitchen suite with a coordinated bar faucet that is ideal for use on a prep sink, butler’s pantry or entertainment area.

[1] Standard based on ASME 112.18.1 of 500,000 cycles

[2] California Health and Safety Code 116875 (AB 1953) and Vermont Law No. 193 (S152), as well as other current and upcoming state and national legislation, mandate that the weighted average lead content in pipes, fittings and fixtures used to convey drinking water cannot exceed 0.25% on wetted surfaces.