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A messy life is a happy life, and we want to see your #HappiMess moments.

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Autumn in a Glass

Whether you want a go-to beverage to sip during football games or a cozy drink to warm you on a cool evening, you’re sure to fall for these five seasonal sips.

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Pumpkin Pandemonium!

Make your jack-o’-lantern carving experience easier than last year by following these steps to pumpkin perfection.

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Hands Off!

Touch-free toilets with FlushIQ technology are smart enough to help prevent overflows, detect potential leaks and offer you a clean, touch-free flush.

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5 Messes Made Easy

Chaos in the kitchen is no match for our de-scuzzing methods.

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Kitchen Ideas
Break out the blender. Each of these easy soup recipes is a delectable celebration of autumn’s colorful bounty.
We rate eight common home projects on degree of (DIY) difficulty.
Before & After
What do you do when your 100-year-old kitchen is too small? Rethink your entire floor plan.
Home Ideas

To make your jack-o’-lantern carving experience easier than last year, read this.

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