Give That Kid a Broom

Let your kids help around the house with the right chores at the right age.

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The Iced Tea Revolution

Vanilla beans? Raspberry syrup? This isn’t your mama’s iced tea.

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Design Rules to Break

It’s good to be bad. Toss these four decorating statutes out the (bathroom) window.

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What's Your Style?

Even if you don't realize it, you have a distinct decorating style. Take our fast ‘n’ furious photo quiz to learn whether you’re traditional, transitional or contemporary at heart.

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New Features

Kitchen Ideas
The heart of the home has come a long way from the days of cooking rack of rhino over an open pit.
Kitchen Ideas

Southern Living’s Whitney Wright shares five smart ways to get the most from summer’s produce.

Kitchen Ideas
This isn’t your mother’s iced tea. These five modern home brews give the season’s go-to beverage a major makeover.
Home Ideas

Go ahead and paint that coffee table purple, but not before memorizing these design guidelines.

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