Cull your products. If you have four family members, each using a different shampoo and conditioner, you have eight bottles in your tub. Shop for products that can work for all ages, or multitaskers like shampoo that doubles as body wash. (Your product junkie may want a shower caddy that she keeps in her bedroom.) 

Hooks take up less space than towel rods, are easier for kids to use and make folding unnecessary. Tip: To ensure drying, place them above a heating vent.

That garbage can is going to fill up quickly, so steal a trick from hotel housekeepers: Line your pail with a plastic bag and stash a few more folded ones underneath it so they’re ready to grab when you need them.

Bins, which are readily accessible in open shelving, are an easy way to organize lots of little items. It’s best if each person has a dedicated bin, but you can also sort them by type of item (hair products in one, lotions in another). Not everything needs a bin in the bath: Put the rarely used flat iron in your dresser and the first-aid kit in the linen closet.

The lone bathroom sink is going to get a ton of traffic, so choose a faucet with Touch2O.xt™ technology. Electronic sensors make it super kid-friendly: Rather than gunking up the chrome with their dirty hands, little ones can activate the flow of water by simply touching anywhere on its spout or handle. Or they can go totally hands-free.

This small, stylish step stool makes hand-washing easy for kids and can be tucked in a corner when not in use.

The fewer things you keep on the sink, the easier it is to wipe down and keep clean. Store disinfecting wipes in the cupboard to make nightly once-overs easier.

How to Survive in a One-Bathroom House

When you've got parents and kids sharing a single bathroom, chaos can ensue. Here's how to manage the madness.

Maybe you’re renovating your second bathroom. Or maybe you live in a home that was built before multiple en suite facilities became standard. Whatever the case, your goal is to keep your space from getting tense and messy. Step 1: Create a schedule so no more than two people are showering in the morning—other family members should get used to scrubbing up at night. Step 2: Check out our tips for improving bathroom efficiency and organization. And look on the bright side: At least there’s only one toilet to clean.