Ashton Single Handle Pull-Down Kitchen Faucet featuring Touch2O® Technology

Model #:19922T-SSSD-DST

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Finish Shown: Stainless
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Shown (US $):1
Exclusively available at Lowe's.

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Product Features and Benefits

  • Touch activated faucet featuring Touch2O® Technology
  • High arc pull-down spout provides extra clearance for deep pots and pans and expands work area
  • Pull-down wand operates in an aerated or spray mode via an easy push button
  • Matching soap dispenser and optional deck escutcheon included
  • Delta Electronic Faucet Limited Warranty

Product Support, Repair Parts & Tech Specs

Support Information:

Installation Instructions / Owner's Manual

Installation Information

2 or 4-hole 8″ installation
  • Number of Handles: 1
  • Tall/High-Arc: No
  • Pull-out/Pull-down: Yes
  • With Side Sprayer: No
  • With Soap/Lotion Dispenser: Yes
  • Valve Type: Electronic with DIAMOND(TM) Seal Valve
  • Flow Rate: 1.8 gpm @ 60 psi, 6.8 L/min @ 414 kPa
  • Holes/Width: 2 or 4-hole 8″ installation

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How to install an Ashton faucet with Touch2O® Technology

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Ashton Single Handle Pull-Down Kitchen Faucet featuring Touch2O® Technology 4 5 21 21
Great product At first glance looking at the parts when I opened the box I thought holy cow I'll never figure this thing out. But as I removed the pieces and re-read the directions a few times it's really not as difficult as first thought. If you have ever changed a faucet before you won't have any problem installing this one. Matter of fact even if you have never installed a faucet and have just a little bit of DIY abilities you won't have any problems just re-read the directions as you go along and everything falls right into place. Awesome faucet!!!!! May 13, 2012
great design i have had the faucet for 2-3 weeks now and really love it. PRO'S: The touch part comes in handy especially when cooking. the faucet is the right height for filling up my pots and the hose is extra long. CON'S: Could not hook up my water filter to faucet. i have a 3 hole sink and had the choice of a single hole hook up , soap dispenser, and have 1 hole unused (just open) or do the 3 hole hook up which uses a cover plate to cover the 2 other holes ( which looks great ) but then lost the choice of the soap dispenser. it sounds more like a sink design problem but would've thought they would think of a way to use both on that plate. I still would recommend this faucet just cause the touch part is too cool to not have and really comes in handy. August 19, 2012
Not worth the expense I had this unit installed by a professional plumber. This is by far the worst faucet I have ever had. The Touch feature quit working within the first 9 months of use. I had to have repair parts sent. After that failed, and after paying my plumber two times to try and fix, we decided to disconnect the "touch" feature, for which I expressly purchased this 500.00+ product for. Now within 2.5 years it not only has no touch feature, the soap dispenser now does not work. Very disappointed in this high dollar new technology faucet. Definitely should have stayed with the old tried/true technology and opted for a less expensive faucet, as this one has ended up costing a small fortune. No time or effort saved here. January 26, 2014
Excellent The faucet was what we expected after the install. Then it became unpredictable. Our contact with your technician and review of your web site revealed the issue, isolation of the line from the power pack. The power line draped over the inlet pipe as I thought, from the instructions, wasn't vital to operation. Your video also revealed how system operates as to one can change position of faucet while water is running,without turning it off with a firm grip and a light touch will access the off on. We love your faucet, quality, durabilty and features. January 24, 2013
Works well, finish is poor I had my kitchen faucet installed by my plumber on 1/17/2014 and it has functioned very, very well. I like everything about it except that I just noticed this week that where I touch the faucet on the top, the finish has worn off. I haven't heard anyone mention this. I would give this product 5 stars for how well it works and how handy I think it is and 0 stars for the plating (?) March 8, 2014
Terrible Product I purchased this product a year ago and I am STILL having problems with it. It doesn't "touch" on and off.... sometimes it comes on without anyone near it! A couple of months, my water bill went up for no reason and I finally figured out why!! The faucet was coming on BY ITSELF!! Terrible purchase!! April 18, 2014
Great Faucet Love the faucet. Wondered how long the batterries would last but they are still strong after 1.5 years. May buy touch 2Os for my bathrooms. July 7, 2012
Faucet is awesome but had some packaging issues My in-laws have had this faucet for over a year and have loved it. Our old Kohler faucet had a hose leak in a main hose that could not be fixed with standard parts. Since we had already gone through 2 faucet heads, and would have to remove the faucet to fix it, after getting the part from Kohler, we just decided to replace it with this one. This was the last box our local Lowe's had, and the box was damaged so we had an employee cut open the packing straps to check for damage. All looked good, so we purchased it. I patiently waited for my husband to install it, as our faucet hose was still leaking. After 4 days, I went online and watched the tutorial on how to install the faucet and decided to tackle it myself (great video by the way!). After pulling all the parts bags out, I discovered that two of the parts bags were open - bag #1 and the bag containing the solenoid. Bag #1 was missing ONLY the plastic installation tool, but rather than packing everything back up, and returning it and waiting for more to come it, I had my husband use wrenches and his muscles to help tighten the nut under the sink, while I held onto the faucet base. I have a strong feeling that this was a return to Lowe's but it looked exactly like all the other faucet boxes (packing straps intact), so perhaps it was a return to Delta?? Two other things I noticed that made me think it was a return was the neck of the faucet was already attached to the base (the video shows that as a step to do), and the extra base plate (that we did not need) already had the foam gasket attached. After we got the faucet tightened properly (with our extra deep sink this would have been SO much easier with the installation tool!), I proceeded to finish the installation. However, one more major issue occurred. I noticed that as soon as we turned the faucet on, and took our hand off the handle, the water shut OFF. If we left the handle in the on position, after 4 minutes, the water would come ON by itself (yes, I actually timed it). I searched the Delta FAQ section but could not find anything similar. I realized our faucet was behaving opposite of how it should and was about to call the Delta tech support number when it hit me- wires HAD to be crossed somewhere! I pulled the solenoid out, and realized there were two wires that could be pulled off (one peach/pink, and one maroon). I switched the two wires, and BEHOLD, the faucet worked correctly! Even called my father-in-law to compare the wire color location. So, again, if this was a return to either Lowe's or Delta (as the bag was opened), then someone messed with the wires, thinking it would be funny (NOT!). Otherwise there was an issue from the factory. SO, if any of you have faucets that turn OFF as soon as you turn them on, OR if the water comes on all by itself while the handle is in the ON position, then check your wires! Included a photo of the CORRECT wire positions. Other than that, the faucet has been exactly what we expected, and I plan on adding the bathroom faucet when we redo the sink there. Currently, the only problem we have now is when we touch the actual faucet head, the water comes on, when it should not. I remember reading something about that in the FAQs and just need to check it out again. All of the installation issues could have been totally avoided if I had just returned the faucet, but my desire to have it "NOW" won out, that's how much I love this faucet! June 29, 2013
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