Addison Single Handle Pull-Down Kitchen Faucet with Touch2O® Technology

Model #:9192T-RB-DST

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Product Features and Benefits

  • Design inspired by the fragile scallops of a sea shell
  • Graceful curves provide a delicate beauty that adds a romantic touch to the kitchen
  • High-arc spout swivels 360° for complete sink access
  • Touch activated faucet featuring Touch2O® Technology
  • Multi-Flow™ delivers both 1.5 gpm stream and spray settings for water efficiency and 2.0 gpm stream
  • Optional escutcheon for 3 hole mounting included
  • Delta Electronic Faucet Limited Warranty

Product Support, Repair Parts & Tech Specs

Support Information:

Installation Instructions / Owner's Manual

Installation Information

1 or 3-hole 8″ installation
  • Number of Handles: 1
  • Tall/High-Arc: Yes
  • Pull-out/Pull-down: Yes
  • With Side Sprayer: No
  • With Soap/Lotion Dispenser: No
  • Valve Type: Electronic with DIAMOND(TM) Seal Valve
  • Flow Rate: 1.80 gpm @ 60 psi, 6.8 L/min @ 414 kPa
  • Hose Length: 62
  • Holes/Width: 1 or 3-hole 8″ installation

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Addison Single Handle Pull-Down Kitchen Faucet with Touch2O® Technology 3.9 5 30 30
Awesome.. would recommend Love the H20 As we are empty nesters and my husband is not a bells and whistles person, I really hesitated to purchase this faucet. It is something with a house full of kids I would have purchased in a "jiffy" but since I don't cook as much anymore, I was hesitant to spend the extra money. My 24 year old, with NO experience, installed it in about 45 minutes#tops#. It took longer to figure out how to get the old one out, collect tools and clean up than it did to install the new one. Total time was under 2 hours. STRONG SUGGESTION: watch the install video first and then watch and pause it as you are installing it. The video is excellent, not sure I could say that about the paper instructions. It has been about 3 weeks now and I absolutely love it and highly recommend it. Because of the solenoid there is a so slight delay in turning off and you have a tendency at first to touch it again, which turns it back on, but I was past that the first day. To answer some of the questions you may have: 1) if it is on spray when you turn it off, it turns back on as spray to get it back to stream, you have to push the button 2) the higher flow button is wonderful and I recommend to Delta to add it to more faucets. To get it off of the higher flow, you have to change it to spray rather than just push the button again #Delta please correct me if I am wrong# and it would be more convenient to just be able to take it from higher flow stream back to lower spray stream. 3) I have a country house and was concerned about the design and size but they fit very well. I did buy the bronze. 4) I do not know yet about the battery life, but replacing them is not a big deal. Just make sure your battery pack is reachable. We just set ours on a empty jar in the back of the sink. Granted, yes, we will have to sit on the floor to change them, but who doesn’t need a little exercise. Hope this is helpful. August 18, 2012
Frustrating We bought and installed this about a year ago. For the first several months it worked perfectly...then the issues. Coming on by itself, not coming on when tapped, etc. Very disappointed with this product. We researched faucets forever and were convinced we made the right choice. After saving for twol years to re-do our kitchen and splurging for the touch control, I feel foolish and wish I stayed with a traditional faucet. As a military family, we've moved a lot and completed many renovations over the years and we've always used Delta products (faucets, etc) and this is the by far the worst experience we've had. November 4, 2013
Great product, no instructions PROS: I LOVE this faucet. Definitely should be a standard feature for cooking and keeping things clean & tidy, I don't have to touch it with soiled hands! Really enjoy the convenience of just touching it with my wrist/arm or a clean finger to turn it on. CONS: Temp control takes some getting used to, not as easy as I'd like, but no faucet with this type of handle is, in my opinion. One of the plastic parts broke on installation by a plumber. Not sure if it was cracked, or what, but had to travel to get the part, and have the plumber come back. $$ My strongest complaint, and a big one for me, no instructions on the use of the product! I had to go online as the manual has only installation instructions. Nothing specific as to using the flow button. Still don't really understand how the high flow buttons work even after visiting the website. January 15, 2013
Beautifully designed faucet with showstopping features We've just had our new faucet installed for about 2 weeks now, and so far really love it. It matches our new remodeled kitchen decor perfectly, is a beautifully designed faucet, and we just love the Touch 2O features. It is worth every penney we spent on it, I would definitely purchase it again, and highly recommend it. A magnificent kitchen faucet! March 16, 2014
Less than a year in, we're replacing it Our contractor installed the Touch as part of a full kitchen remodel last year. I really wanted the Touch technology as it makes complete sense to keep meat or diaper germs off the handle when washing hands. One big flaw is that when the battery dies, the faucet literally won't work - no water. At least you should be able to turn water on and off mechanically even with the battery dead. More annoying is that, even with a fresh battery, the touch works inconsistently - we sometimes had to touch two or three times to get the water on. My kids interpreted this as a need to bang on the faucet to get it to turn on...which of course loosened the touch connection in the housing and made it worse. In short, not worth it unless you are OK with being unnecessarily precious with your kitchen faucet - aka, impractical for locations with small kids or heavy faucet usage. We've asked our contractor to replace with standard Delta faucet in same style and finish. June 25, 2013
This product works great! The Addison pull down faucet with touch20 technology is a stylish faucet that works great. It has the perfect look to match any style kitchen. The touch20 technology is very quick to respond and works fantastic. June 15, 2012
Love the Hands-Free My husband and I installed the faucet ourselves. It wasn't that difficult. Looks beautiful and love the convenience of the touch. Wouldn't own any other kind. April 22, 2013
Beautiful faucet, "touch" is a bothersome gimmick. The faucet is beautiful. The "touch" feature is just a bother. I never use it. I just use the faucet by turning on the water the usual way, however when I do that, the water keeps turning off. I paid a lot of extra money for this feature as it sounded like a good idea. I'm taking out the batteries and will just use the faucet without the "touch" feature. So - I would buy a Delta faucet again, just not with the gimmick of "touch". I have other Delta faucets in my house that have been there for 15 years and are still in great condition. It was very difficult to install. November 11, 2012
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