Delta Soap/Lotion Dispenser

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Product Features and Benefits

  • The High-arc design of Pilar™ provides graceful functionality
  • For use as soap or lotion dispenser
  • Large capacity 13-ounce bottle
  • Refillable from above the deck
  • Order RP30395 vented refill funnel separately
  • Lifetime Faucet and Finish Warranty

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Delta Soap/Lotion Dispenser 2.2 5 36 36
Disappointed When we remodeled our kitchen, naturally we put in a new sink and faucet. I told my wife that Delta was a good name brand and that we should give their product a try. The faucet is living up to what I told her... Good quality. Works great! The soap dispenser fell apart with in the first year! We have a dish washer and don't even use the soap dispenser all that much! The metal top is connected to a plastic mount on the pump, and just broke away. Really disappointed in this dispenser... June 11, 2014
Soap dispenser stopped working We bought the Pilar with touch technology as part of a kitchen remodel a little over a year ago. We have also remodeled a bathroom and have all Delta faucets and shower hardware. Happy with everything accept the soap dispenser. The plunger sticks and no soap comes out. I was hoping to find the plunger as a part so I could replace the existing one. Disappointed to find that it is only sold as a full replacement. June 11, 2013
Poor Quality The delta touch faucet is very nice, but the soap dispenser is made of very poor quality and the design is also not good. After using this moderately for a year - the plastic that holds the top piece in place broke. The soap dispenser should be designed to take this pressure on its head as its the only moving part and that being designed poorly is not that I expected. June 1, 2014
Nice looking, but short-lived functionality Our story is similar to others' here - we purchased the faucet set during a kitchen remodel and have enjoyed the faucet and the soap dispenser - but, given the price, we are disappointed that the dispenser has already quit doing the deed. A soap dispenser isn't exactly "high tech" or "high use" equipment. May 30, 2013
2nd failure in two years. The delta touch faucet is very nice, but the soap dispenser is poorly designed and poor construction at the point of movement and leverage. After purchasing with the faucet 2 1/2 years ago, the faucet has performed to expectations. Using this dispenser moderately for a year - the plastic that holds the top piece in place broke. I ordered a replacement RP50781AR, and warned household members to be cautious of the poor design and press only on the large round portion of the part. Despite this knowledge and user caution, the second soap dispenser has failed at the same point as the first after about a year. If this designed to be used to dispense soap and not merely as an ornamental appendage to the faucet, the soap dispenser should be designed to take this pressure on its head as its the only moving part. Purchasing replacement RP50781AR at $55 plus shipping once a year quickly makes this part more expensive than the faucet through the expected useful life. Is there a remedy to this design or a better constructed alternative that matches? Read more: August 17, 2014
Love faucet but not dispenser Dispenser is hard to squeeze and the rubber came off from sprout February 3, 2014
Need replacement due to failure of pump - RP50781SS We have had this now for 3 plus years and after experiencing a "slow down" in the pump it finally broke. Overall very happy with the unit. Hoping for a replacement to be sent... of course I should have known that CS is not open on a Sunday :# I plan to reach out to them on Monday if they don't reach out to me first. Also have an additional question on the single handle faucet - it tends to turn because it will not stay tight against the granite! Is there a trick or component that will allow me to tighten so it will not turn #stay snug#. Afraid of over tightening and cracking the granite. Will follow up with another review after speaking with CS. April 27, 2014
Spout too short The spout needs to be lengthened. If the pot or dish is not placed directly against the side of the sink, soap is squirted on the side of the sink. November 18, 2013
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