Delta Soap/Lotion Dispenser

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Product Features and Benefits

  • The High-arc design of Pilar™ provides graceful functionality
  • For use as soap or lotion dispenser
  • Large capacity 13-ounce bottle
  • Refillable from above the deck
  • Order RP30395 vented refill funnel separately
  • Lifetime Faucet and Finish Warranty

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Delta Soap/Lotion Dispenser 2.5 5 22 22
Was never reliable and now has stopped working at all We bought the Pilar faucet and soap dispenser when we replaced our kitchen sink and Moen faucet, which was leaking. We love the faucet but the soap dispenser has never worked well, it often required multiple hard pumps to get it to work and now it doesn't work at all. Like everyone, I'm looking to replace the pump by itself and have discovered I would need to pay nearly $60.00 to replace the whole unit, when all I need is the pump. Don't recommend this to anyone and would not buy the soap dispenser again. July 5, 2013
Great soap dispenser I love the Delta soap dispenser and have not had any problems with the one in my current home. However, I just had another one installed in a new home build and apparently the white plastic tube portion got thrown away by the install crew. I have not had any success finding a replacement for it without having to purchase an entire new dispenser unit. I wish there was a way to just replace just the plastic piece and tube. Other than that, I have been very pleased with the faucet. April 7, 2014
Soap Dispenser plunger stuck We really like the faucet. But the soap dispenser is a royal pain. I started by sticking closed and now will not work at all. We bought this about two years ago and started having problems with the dispenser a year ago. Now it appears that in order to fix the problem, I will need to purchase an entire soap dispenser as they don't offer the plunger separately. Why buy the same dispenser when it will clearly just stop working again in six months?! HELP? Any Ideas? July 28, 2013
Spout too short The spout needs to be lengthened. If the pot or dish is not placed directly against the side of the sink, soap is squirted on the side of the sink. November 18, 2013
Good product Along with many others, I received a unit that broke down. Mine lasted over 3 years. But people, come on, there is a lifetime warranty. A 5-minute call will get a new one on the way. This unit has served me well in the time it worked. The thing is 100% plastic, so I’m not expecting miracles. However, a company the size of Delta should test their products a bit better before shipping them. This is actually the 2nd item I’ve had to get replaced. However, it is a no-hassle replacement process. I’m surprised that so many people left poor comments without contacting Delta for a free replacement. Due to this hassle-free replacement process, I will continue to buy Delta products. October 14, 2013
Worked for only 60 days! Purchased this Linden set from Home Depot. A professional plumber installed it. After only 60 days, the "graceful functionality" of this dispenser failed to function. Took the top part and my receipt to Home Depot and was told there was nothing they could do. What a waste of my time and money. Very, very disappointed. February 13, 2013
The pumps must defective I have two of these pumps. Both have stopped working after 6 months. I would like to replace the pump portion but cannot find the part. July 12, 2013
The faucet is good the dispenser is bad I purchased the Linden faucet which I love, and I got the soap dispenser too. I really didn't want the dispenser but it came with the faucet. I had the soap dispenser installed, and it worked great for about 7 months, and after that the darn thing snaps. I checked the dispenser top and it's just cheap plastic which snapped off, and the hose part just slide out. Trying to find a replacement part in a store is becoming impossible. Yah $40 is too much to pay for only the pump part, and then having to pay for shipping. <Sigh> major disappointed. January 6, 2014
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