Delta Catalogs App

Research Products

While You Shop

Sometimes you just want to do a little more research before you buy.

Now it's easier than ever to look up Delta product information while you're browsing the faucet aisle or meeting with your kitchen or bath designer. With the free Delta Catalogs App for iPhone, iPad and Android, you can immediately view online brochures, catalogs, and more. Or download them for convenient offline viewing anywhere.

And it's easy to use. Tap a document to open it, flip the page with a swipe or tap, and pinch to zoom in and out for easy reading.


  • Free app for iPhone, iPad and Android
  • Easy to use, online or offline
  • Quickly look up details about your favorite Delta products
  • Use it while you're shopping or meeting with your designer
  • Gives you confidence that you've selected the right product for you.