FlushIQTM Technology


with a simple wave of the hand.


DeltaFlushIQTM is one smart toilet.

FlushIQTM technology offers overflow protection, leak detection and a clean, touch-free flush.

How it works
+ Led indicators

Touch-Free Flush

A simple wave of the hand near the sensor will flush the toilet and the LED will display blue throughout the cycle.

Overflow Protection

A sensor on the back of the bowl monitors the water level in the bowl. If the water level rises to a critical level, the LED display will flash red and blue the next time a flush is attempted. The sensor will stop additional flushes, preventing water from spilling out of the bowl due to overflow, until the overflow is resolved.

Leak Detection

A sensor in tank monitors the water level in the tank. If the water level in the tank drops, breaking contact with the sensor, the LED indicator will change to yellow next time the toilet is flushed. The toilet tank will not continually refill if a leak is detected, thus saving water & money.

Low Battery Alert

The FlushIQTM system can accept four (4) AA batteries OR four (4) C batteries. When the batteries run low, the LED will blink red during the flush cycle. The homeowner will have up to one month to change the batteries from the first time the low battery indication appears.

Sleep mode

Quickly de-activate the sensor for cleaning by touching the sensor for seven seconds. The unit will remain in sleep mode for 10 minutes and automatically reactivate itself. The sensor can be reactivated before the 10 minutes are up by touching it again for seven seconds.

A clean, touch free flush with a simple
wave of the hand.

The FlushIQ™ system can accept four
(4) AA batteries OR four (C) batteries.
The AA batteries will last up to two
years and C batteries will last up to
five years.

Helps to reduce overflows by preventing
flushing if the water in the bowl is at a
critical level.

Built in sensors alert you to possible
tank leaks, potentially saving money
and water.

Delta toilets with FlushIQTM

technology are smart and

offer the latest innovations.