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Design beyond


About the Design Fellowship

In 2018, the Delta team partnered with New York magazine’s The Cut and design editor Wendy Goodman to provide four emerging interior designers a unique opportunity. Under the tutorship of four prominent industry mentors, the fellows take on design challenges engineered to help them rethink the future of design; gathering inspiration, experience and impressive portfolio showpieces along the way.

Meet the Fellows and Their Mentors

wendy goodman passport

Wendy Goodman

As Design Editor of “Design Hunting” and author of a new book dedicated to interior design as ‘the art of living’, Wendy Goodman is a respected authority in the world of interior design. She, much like Delta, believes that design has the power to impact and transform, a sentiment imbued into her new book, “May I Come In?”. We’re proud to partner with her to inspire the next generation of interior designers through our Design Beyond fellowship with The Cut.

Design Challenges // Video Gallery

Follow four emerging interior designers as they’re challenged to design for the future of the kitchen and bath, with the help of prominent industry mentors.