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Buying a new bathroom mirror seems like an easy enough endeavor until you get to the store. It’s usually there when you experience the pain of digging through rows of seemingly endless pre-fab mirror options. Worse off, none of them are quite right. The search for a mirror need not be daunting or frustrating. We’ve got some super easy tips to make purchasing the perfect mirror a breeze.


Measure your space.
Before you embark on a shopping extravaganza for a bathroom mirror, take out your measuring tape. This is an important first step as this will determine how much mirror your wall can accommodate or if you have the possibility of using multiple mirrors.


Simplify the task. Get what you want by going custom.
The word custom often translates to “expensive” but getting a custom bathroom vanity mirror need not be a bank-breaker. Mirrors are given prominent positions in bathroom, making it both a useful tool and decorative item. If you have to look at the mirror every day why not make it the item of your dreams? Delta Custom Reflections put all of the design decisions in your hands. If you purchase a Delta Custom Reflection mirror, you’ve access to over 200 combinations. One is sure to meet your taste and needs. Let your inner interior decorator run free and go for what you really want. When’s the last time you got everything you asked for? The process of selecting what you want is easy. Start with…


Go for the best glass. Standard glass is great, but if you are going custom, why not upgrade? Delta Custom Reflections offers TruClarity glass which is infinitely clearer, whiter and brighter than standard glass options. Both standard and TruClarity glass include SafeBreak technology which keeps broken chards secure should the glass break.


Decide how you want to frame it. Will your vanity mirror look best with sharp angles or gentle curves? Whichever you decide, there is a perfect frame for your mirror. Pick from our four frame options the one you like the best. If frames aren’t your thing, go frameless.


Decide if you want it floating or flush. Delta Custom Reflections mirrors can be hung either way.  There are mounts to accommodate all tastes. You’ll be hanging this mirror so pick the mount that looks best for your bathroom.