Let’s talk mirrors. In particular, mirror glass. Not sure you’ve ever contemplated the glass in your mirror? We understand, but mirror glass is more important than you may think.


Mirror glass is simply a sheet of glass coated with a reflective metallic layer of either aluminum or silver. What if we told you your mirror could be lying to you, reflecting back an image that is not completely accurate? Now are you interested in mirror glass?


Depending on the quality of your mirror, you could be getting a misleading reflection. If getting a new mirror is now part of your daily to-do list, we’re here to help. Follow these steps to ensure you get the best mirror possible.


Go a flat piece of glass.
The clarity of your reflection is determined by the quality of the compilation. Any sort of curve or bend in the structure of the mirror will distort the image reflected in it, hence the skinny versus fat mirrors.


Make sure you have the right size.
This is more about personal dissatisfaction with having a mirror that does not meet your needs. For bathroom vanity mirrors, pick a mirror (or mirrors if you have the space) that is large enough to accommodate your needs. A mirror that’s too small is frustrating and a bit useless. Can’t find the right size mirror? Build it yourself with Delta Custom Reflections. There are over 200 combinations to be made from glass, frame, size and mount options.


Be clear.
The glass in your average mirror is probably fine, but who wants to be basic? All Delta Custom Reflection’s glass has all the important bells and whistles like UV Protective Coating and SafeBreak Backing. Upgrade your glass to TruClarity and you’ll take your mirror to the next level. TruClarity glass is clearer, brighter and whiter. Better glass equals a truer reflection.