Monitor® 17 Series Tub and Shower Trim

Model#: 174925

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Finish: Chrome
Monitor® 17 Series Tub and Shower Trim
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  • Water-Efficient
  • Watersense Certified
  • Monitor pressure balance valve keeps water temperature within a safe +/-3degrees F (+/-1.6degrees C), helping to protect you from sudden changes in hot or cold water pressure
  • Complete unit includes trim and rough-in
  • Meets standards set by Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA)
  • Spray settings include: Full Body
  • Monitor®

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Installation Information

  • Flow Rate: 2.00 gpm @ 80 psi, 7.6 L/min @ 550 kPa
  • Spout Length: 6-5/8"
  • Valve Type: Dual-function pressure balance cartridge

Part List

Delta MultiChoice® Universal Cartridge Assembly - 17 Series

Model: RP46463
List Price as Shown: $100.15

Delta Tub Spout - Pull-Up Diverter

Model: RP48690
List Price as Shown: $65.40

Delta Trim Ring Assembly - Tub and Shower

Model: RP40590
List Price as Shown: $16.70

Vessona® Single Metal Lever Handle - Temperature Knob and Cover

Model: RP48689
List Price as Shown: $15.95

Delta Cartridge Adapter - Monitor® 17 Series

Model: RP46073
List Price as Shown: $12.35

Delta Escutcheon Trim Screws (2) - Extra Long

Model: RP12630
List Price as Shown: $9.10

Delta Large O-Ring - All Monitor® Series

Model: RP23336
List Price as Shown: $3.65