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How to Measure

The old carpentry adage about measuring two times for every cut offers some wisdom here. Jot down careful measurements of the floor, walls and ceiling of your bathroom. This information will come in handy to your bathroom designer, remodeling contractor, or any other professional assisting in the design and installation of your new shower.

Knowing how to measure the height and width of your enclosure opening is the most important step prior to selecting your Delta® tub, shower or pivot door. Two dimensions must be identified. The vertical opening height of the enclosure sides and the horizontal opening width of the enclosure base are the areas to correctly measure.

Measure the desired height of the door opening on each side of the opening. If installing the door inside a one-piece or modular enclosure, measure from the top of the tub apron or the shower threshold up to where the wall returns back toward the nailing flange. If it’s a ceramic tile application, use the top of the tiles as your maximum door height.

Next, measure the width of the opening at the top and bottom of the enclosure. In some cases, the opening widths may be different. In older homes or where construction variability exists, the opening at the top if often larger due to an out-of-plumb condition.

All Delta® doors are designed to accommodate out-of-plumb conditions totaling ⅜-inch.