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Delta Faucet Company reaches out to social media users to request their permission to share our favorite content on our various sites, social channels, blogs and promotional materials. We’d like your permission to use your social media content in one of these ways. If you agree, Delta Faucet will have the irrevocable, non-exclusive and royalty-free right to use, reproduce, modify, publish and publicly display the content.

To clarify, we are requesting your permission to share/use your content on:
  • Any Delta®-branded social media channel, including (but not limited to) international accounts, with attribution in perpetuity.
  • In Inspired Living and/or Inspired Pro blog content with attribution in a format of our choosing in perpetuity, including international distribution.
  • Emails directing to Inspired Living/Inspired Pro blog posts and/or social media posts without attribution in perpetuity.
If you decide to permit us to use your social media content as described above, please reply to our comment with the hashtag #DFagree. Thank you for your cooperation.