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Delta Beverage Faucets Bring Added Convenience and Style to the Kitchen

Featuring optional Touch2O® Technology, faucets coordinate with any kitchen décor

Beverage Faucets PR

INDIANAPOLIS – To satisfy the needs of homeowners looking to enhance their kitchen’s functionality, Delta Faucet presents its complete line of beverage faucets, which now feature optional Touch2O® Technology, allowing users to turn the faucet on and off with a simple tap. Available in a traditional or transitional architecture that will coordinate with nearly any décor, Delta® beverage faucets provide a stylish outlet for filtered water or cold water taps.
“With Delta beverage faucets, homeowners no longer need to sacrifice style in their kitchen by using an unflattering water tap,” said Peggy Gallagher, Delta brand product manager.  “Our beverage faucets are offered in a variety of styles and finish colors and also include some of our most advanced kitchen technologies, including our intuitive touch-activated Touch2O® Technology, making it possible to have a kitchen that is both functional and chic.”
Delta beverage faucets are available in Chrome, Arctic® Stainless, Brilliance® Stainless, and Venetian® Bronze finishes. In addition, each metal bodied faucet features an InnoFlex® PEX supply line, making them compatible with virtually any water filtration system, including Reverse Osmosis (RO) water filtration systems. As an added bonus, they are also fitted for standard plumbing supply lines, ensuring easy installation.
Beverage faucets featuring Touch2O Technology are available now.