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Delta® Corrente Toilet Boasts Easy Installation and Maximum Performance

WaterSense® labeled two-piece toilet combines thoughtful innovation with efficiency

INDIANAPOLIS – For most people, daydreams of purchasing a new toilet are few and far between. The process is usually prompted by a remodel or necessity – an existing toilet starts to leak or crack -  and it generally lacks excitement. After years of sameness in the toilet industry, change is afoot.
The Delta® Corrente™ toilet is a high-performance, water-efficient model that offers worry-free installation at an affordable price. It has a rating of 10 out of 10 when it comes to flushing power and is virtually clog-free. The two-piece unit has a variety of built-in solutions for an easy installation process with no additional tools required. And, bearing the WaterSense® label, the toilet uses 1.28 gallons of water per flush for a savings of more than $90/year in reduced water bills1
“The toilet industry hasn’t seen relevant innovation for the broad market in more than a hundred years,” said Josh Feldman, Delta® brand product manager. “As a pioneer in kitchen and bathroom innovation, we saw an opportunity to engineer solutions that address what most people need when it comes to their home toilets.”
Through its research, the Delta Faucet team noted homeowner concerns about leaks caused by improper installation and challenges removing the existing toilet. The collection of Delta toilets delivers on the brand’s commitment to provide relevant innovations through a number of Smart Solutions, including SmartFit™ technology.
About the Corrente™ Toilet:
  • SmartFit™ technologies reduce potential leak points and help protect against over-tightening, which could cause damage to the toilet.
    • SmartFit™ external tank-to-bowl connections use a metal bracket on the bottom of the tank to secure the bolts to the bowl. This eliminates the need for bolt holes typically found in the bottom of the tank. For convenience, the bolts are preassembled to the mounting plate. This innovation reduces the number of potential of leak points that could come from overtightening fasteners connecting the tank to the bowl.
    • Using a combination fill valve and flush valve, the factory-installed SmartFit™ supply line tucks neatly into a recessed channel on the back of the tank and enters the tank above the waterline, reducing the potential for additional external leak points. The supply line is long enough to easily reach the water outlet on the wall, for quick and easy installation.
    • Inside the box is the SmartFit™ Multi-Tool. This multi-function tool includes a wrench specifically designed to fit the bolts and a two-in-one screwdriver adapter to secure the other mounting components. No additional installation tools are required.
  • Also included in the box is an EZ Out™ toilet removal kit, which helps make uninstalling an existing toilet easy. It provides many of the items needed for the job, including disposable gloves and scraper, a highly absorbent sponge, and a cloth for cleanup and to plug the floor drain when the toilet is removed.
  • Offered in classic white vitreous china, the Corrente toilet has an elongated bowl design for added comfort and is chair height to make sitting down and standing up easier. It also has a Quick Release Seat designed for easy undocking while cleaning.