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Delta® Brand Introduces Glass Rinser for Increased Kitchen Efficiency

Leading faucet company launches Glass Rinser to consumers, reducing time scrubbing and soaking dishware

Glass RinserAvailable nationwide, the Delta Glass Rinser functions much like one in local coffee shops but is designed to work in home kitchens. The new innovation makes it easy to rinse drinkware that can otherwise be difficult to clean. It thoroughly rinses residue in seconds with high-pressure water jets that reach where you can’t. From baby bottles and wine glasses to travel cups and water bottles, Delta Glass Rinser conveniently rinses virtually any drinkware.

“Our market research revealed that customers are interested in a solution to more effectively rinse items at the kitchen sink, so we decided to make that concept a reality.” said Adriana Miller, Delta brand product manager. “Ideal for parents, party hosts and fitness enthusiasts alike, the Delta Glass Rinser provides a simple solution, increasing efficiency in the kitchen.”

Additional features and benefits include:

  • Versatile and convenient: Delta Glass Rinser is simple to use and quickly rinses hard-to-wash drinkware so you can spend less time cleaning up in the kitchen.
  • Powerful, yet sleek: Simply press drinkware down over the rinser and powerful jets of water shoot up for a thorough rinse that can be applied to a variety of drinkware. The sleek, low-profile design allows the Delta Glass Rinser to pair seamlessly with faucets of any style.

  • Effective and simple to install: It can be easily installed on sinks alongside a new or existing faucet. The design allows water to funnel directly into the sink with no concern about making a mess.

The Delta Glass Rinser is currently available in Chrome and Spotshield® Stainless finishes at select retailers, such as The Home Depot and Lowe’s. A metallic version offered in seven finishes will be available exclusively at trade customers in summer 2020 to coordinate with Delta kitchen collections.

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