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Delta® UltraSoak™ Spray Shower Head Simulates Natural Rainfall 

New shower head incorporates advanced spray pattern for immersive coverage

UltraSoakThe Delta® brand is excited to announce the new launch of UltraSoak Spray Shower Head, which uses advanced fluidics technology to provide an intensely saturating, relaxing shower experience. The shower head’s unique spray pattern utilizes water-sculpting chips to generate a cascade of water drops for a consumer-proven feeling of more water and pressure than a standard shower head, imitating a dense rainfall sensation.


“When consumers shop for shower heads, they look for a showering experience with the feeling of more pressure and water,” said Bridget Hatter, Delta brand product manager. “We were inspired to create a shower head that feels like a drenching shower experience, so consumers can step out feeling relaxed and rejuvenated, all without using more water.”


UltraSoak Spray is powered by small fluidics chips to create water drops that mimic natural rainfall. Additionally, the distinct water-sculpting form of the UltraSoak Spray Shower Head does not contain moving parts that could wear out over time. The shower head is also equipped with Touch-Clean® Spray Holes, which make mineral build-up easy to remove.


Available in February 2020, UltraSoak Spray Shower Head will be offered on traditional multifunction models that include H2OKinetic® Technology and PowerDrench® Spray in a variety of finishes. Expanding in fall 2020, UltraSoak Spray Shower Heads will be available in additional 8-inch multifunctional models, including transitional, contemporary and modern designs. All 8-inch multifunctional models are WaterSense® labeled and flow at a rate of 1.75 gallons per minute (gpm), providing 20 percent water savings when compared to the industry standard. 


Additionally, in fall 2020, a 12-inch Single Function Shower Head with UltraSoak Spray will be offered in round contemporary and angular modern models. All 12-inch models flow at a rate of 1.75 gpm (Watersense® labeled) and 2.5 gpm. Both the 8- and 12-inch models will be available in a variety of finishes.


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