Style, Design and Durability

Engineered for style, design and durability, Delta ProCrylic Material and Acrylic with Innovex Technology help you create a high gloss acrylic look that lasts in your bath. Each bath and shower is fashioned with a sleek, refined look that feels at home with any décor. Mildew-resistant and easy to clean, Delta bath products built from ProCrylic Material or Acrylic with Innovex Technology are as easy to maintain as they are to install for a cost-effective bath that’s simply beautiful.

Products with Procrylic Material & Acrylic with Innovex Technology

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ProCrylic Material



Durable, bright-white, high-gloss material

Easy to handle and install, with no fiberglass backing

Built-in, reinforced base for simplified installation

Helps save money, with no mortar base required in standard installation*


Acrylic shower panels feature large shelves and deep ledges for beauty product storage

*May be required in cases of extremely uneven installation surfaces.

Acrylic with Innovex Technology



Three layers of confidence: acrylic surface, high-density insulated core and hard, protective backing

Scratch and impact resistant for durable style

Flexible, with a touchable smooth back surface for easy handling and fast installs

Acrylic shower panels feature large shelves and deep ledges for ample storage space

Helps save time and money with simple installation and cost-effective design



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