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10 Easy Ways To Streamline Your Morning Routine

Sometimes the morning devolves into chaos. Your best intentions—for working out, being on time, looking presentable—go out the window when your morning is disorganized. Reinventing your life and home through the lens of minimalism and simplicity is the latest trend, with immediate action steps and tangible benefits. Easing your daily morning routine may seem like a tall order, but we’ve got some suggestions to make streamlining painless. Reinvigoration just got calmer.
Control your environment by removing the excess.
Take anything out of the bedroom that could be a distraction—television, cellphone or tablet—and make the bedroom a sanctuary for sleep. Your closet is another place where decluttering will benefit your environment. Simplify your wardrobe: Less clothing means fewer items to rummage through. Curate a work wardrobe of elegant, functional pieces that showcase your personal style while still being appropriate for the office. Refine your breakfast and lunch menu to healthy staples that are easy to prepare.
Embrace the night before.
Reduce the amount of responsibilities you handle in the morning. Remember that old adage about not leaving things to the last minute? That rule still applies. Declutter your morning by tackling some tasks the night before—select an outfit, make breakfast and lunch, prep the coffee and organize your work bag before you go to bed.
Go to bed early.
No one is their best self when they are unrested and exhausted. Experts recommend seven to nine hours of sleep a night. An early bedtime lets you get the amount of sleep you need.
Get up an hour early and dedicate it to you.
That special bedtime can set you up for an earlier-than-normal morning, giving you the chance for a leisurely pace. Carve out some silence for yourself. Celebrate an unrushed morning with a relaxing cup of coffee or an unhurried breakfast. When’s the last time you enjoyed either of those moments during the week?
Make your bathroom a spa.
Carry the calmness into the bathroom by making it the spa that it deserves to be. Surround yourself with bath products that smell divine and work even better. Your morning shower should be meditative, so get yourself a shower system that welcomes you. Our favorite is the HydroRain collection—its dual shower heads make for a decadent wake-up ritual.
Make a playlist that promotes happiness.
Music nourishes the soul. Put together a playlist of favorite tunes that bring you joy. Design one for your workout, for your commute and even for work. Don’t forget to sing out loud.
It sounds like a chore, but exercise may be the best thing you can do to bring wellness into your life. A long walk can be just as powerful as a run or bike ride. Find what you like, and stick to it.
Put social media in its place.
Your updates will wait—unless it's one of ours. Your morning serenity is more important than being the first to like a post.
Leave for work earlier than normal.
Beat the traffic. Get to work before your co-workers, and use the time to get ahead on a project or launch a new idea before your day is inundated by the typical hubbub.
There are all variety of apps to help ease you into a meditation practice. Download an app and get started.