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10 Terrible Home-Improvement Headaches

Know When to Ask for Help

While everyone loves the feeling of a job well done after a renovation project, sometimes those DIY dreams can turn into nightmares. It's important to know when to call in the pros!
1.    You rip up old carpet, hoping for beautiful hardwood floors, only to discover that the wood isn’t so hard anymore because of termite damage.
2.    The new dishwasher does a shimmy-shake across the kitchen floor.
3.    You discover too late that your brand-new deck was built over the top of a sink hole.
4.    Tightening the faucet results in cracked tiles that need to be replaced.
5.    You remember to look for a stud in the wall only after the weight of your new master-bath barn door rips the track out of the wall.
6.    The tiny tree you planted when you moved in can now support a Swiss Family Robinson treehouse, and its roots have cracked your septic system.
7.    What you thought was a gentle tap from your hammer results in a hammer-sized hole in your drywall.
8.    While pouring concrete for a new patio, you try to add your initials and end up adding your boot. 
9.    Your shovel turns into a javelin when it breaks in half while transplanting the shrubs.
10.    The “fixer upper” you bought has become dilapidated to the point of Gray Gardens and you can’t decide where to begin.

Home improvement projects can be rewarding, but also tricky and frustrating, even when things don’t go horribly wrong. Sometimes the best thing you can do is know when to fold and call an expert. What’s your best home-improvement disaster story? Comment below and tag us on social media with your best home improvement disaster stories.