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The 12 Best Toilet Reads Ever

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Don’t blush: 75 percent of Americans (and 91 percent of those in the 28 to 35 age bracket) admit to using their phones in the bathroom. Sure, there’s a lot of texting, shoe shopping and Facebook scrolling, but toiletgoers often use the time to catch up on their reading: local news, economic trends, a digitized version of War and Peace. Consider the titles below the ultimate toilet reads: long enough to sustain a drawn-out reign on the throne, and bathroom-focused enough to increase your knowledge of the room you’re lingering in.

1. Centuries of Italian History Are Unveiled in Quest to Fix Toilet, The New York Times

Luciano Faggiano couldn’t open his trattoria until he fixed his plumbing problem. You’ll never guess what was lurking below the loo.

2. I Tried ‘Vinotherapy,’ aka Bathing in Red Wine, The Cut

Ten bottles of red, a bathtub and promises of better circulation. Did it work?

3. Brushes to Set the Teeth on Edge, The New York Times

What happened to the slim, trim toothbrushes of the last century? Experts ponder the impact of bigger, bulkier toothbrushes.

4. Don’t Just Sit There! How Bathroom Posture Affects Your Health, Slate

The human body wasn’t designed with toilets in mind. So how should we go?

5. My No-Soap, No-Shampoo, Bacteria-Rich Hygiene Experiment, The New York Times Magazine

One women forgoes soap to harness the power of bacteria.

6. The Private Lives of Public Bathrooms, The Atlantic

Ever felt a bit, umm, bashful in a public stall? Behavior experts discuss “pee-shyness” and other public-bathroom habits.

7. Weird News: The Wolf Files, ABC News

A brief history of toilet paper, and why it’s still a luxury in most of the world.

8. A Brief History of Toilet-Based Animal Attacks, Slate

Snakes, squirrels and hamsters, oh my! Animals have a history of bathroom intrusions that are awfully entertaining if you’re not the one who had to go.

9. Why It Feels So Good to Cry in the Shower, Science of Us

Ever turn on the water just to have a solid cry? You’re not alone. Here’s why a shower sob feels so good.

10. Are You Flossing or Just Lying About Flossing? The Dentist Knows, NPR

How many of us are really flossing every day, and what will we do to avoid it?

11. Bathroom tales: How we mistook normality for paradise, Eurozine

What sufficient toilet paper and a well-stocked bathroom really means for Eastern Europeans.

And finally, to make you feel good about reading from this library:

12. Is reading on the loo bad for you?, The Guardian

A report on one researcher’s dive into the potential harms of reading on the toilet.