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12 Signs You're in the Middle of a Kitchen Renovation

Only someone who's remodeling their kitchen will understand these 12 truths

Depending on which contractor you ask, a kitchen renovation can take anywhere from six weeks to six months. However long yours ends up running, it's guaranteed to feel endless when you're in the middle of it. (You'll never take a simple pot of boiling water for granted again.) Here are 12 signs the heart of your home is in full-blown reno mode:

1. Your toddler shouts "Pizza's here!" every time the doorbell rings.

2. You find spaghetti in the bathtub because that's where you've been washing dishes.

3. You can talk endlessly about your favorite types of paper plates and plastic silverware (turns out not all are created equal).

4. You're using your teakettle to steam broccoli and your Keurig to make oatmeal.

5. You schedule late-afternoon play dates for your kids, during which you sigh several times about how hectic things are, hoping for a last-minute dinner invitation.

6. You now judge every restaurant entrée based on its "leftover potential." That is, how many future meals you can get out of it and how well it reheats.

7. If your kids hear you say "It's just like camping!" one more time, they're going to stage a coup.

8. You don't bat an eyelash when strange men wander into your living room asking where the bathroom is.

9. Even in other people's homes, you find yourself strategizing about how best to cover exposed surfaces with tarps and dropcloths.

10. You've made Mason jar brownies in the microwave out of desperation—not because you saw them on Pinterest.

11. Your dog is wearing a dust mask.

12. You're more excited to get a text from your contractor than you are from your spouse.