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2017 Design-Forward Mood Board

The 2017 Design-Forward Mood Board represents a collaboration between the Delta Faucet industrial team and the Cooper Hewitt Design Museum to showcase design throughout the decades. Representing the past are mid-century modern, country chic and bold deco, with the present noted for global inspiration and curated luxury. With a glance toward the future, the mood board highlights the significance of innovative design blending with today’s wellness wave. Excitingly, the future includes the Delta Sphere Concept Faucet, which is both ecologically friendly and the pinnacle of innovative faucet design.
The essential takeaway from this mood board? The universality of design and its ability to transcend the decades. Mid-century modern looks just as fresh and stylish today as when it debuted. Design boundaries are a thing of the past. A country chic interior can be outfitted in modern home technology. Curated luxury can be found in a farmhouse aesthetic. Deco accessories can hold their own in a more traditional environment. The takeaway is simple: Great design is timeless and surpasses trends. Just like fashion, styles never really go away. They merge and morph and reappear.