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3 Upgrades to Make Before Baby Arrives

If you’re expecting a little one soon, you’re probably getting lots of advice. Maybe your parents have encouraged you to take a “babymoon” trip while it’s just the two of you. And friends have probably offered suggestions about what to add to your registry, how to set up sleep and feeding schedules and how to babyproof your home.

In the months before your new addition arrives, consider making these easy but impactful upgrades to your kitchen and bath. They’ll make life easier when you’re doing the 2 a.m. feeding or giving baby a bath.

1.  A Gentle Touch

With a sleepy baby in your arms, you’ll value the ease of Touch2O Technology. Tap anywhere on the spout or handle of the faucet with your hand, wrist or forearm to turn the water on or off. This upgrade to your kitchen sink will save time and effort when you’re groggy. 

It's also much easier to devote your full attention to giving a baby a bath in the sink (make sure someone has the camera ready!) or heat up bottles if you can turn on the flow of water with a simple touch. 

2. An Ounce of Prevention

You’ve probably heard that your sleep schedule is about to change. When the baby arrives, you’ll be up at odd hours for feedings, rocking and diaper changes. Add some nightlights around the house, and make sure to illuminate the path to your kitchen and bathroom.

Do something kind for your tired eyes in advance by adding a Delta NightLight toilet seat (available for round and elongated bowls). The soft blue glow will guide you to the right spot in the middle of the night. There's even a seat availble for when you start toilet training. If you plan to use cloth diapers, you might want to consider adding a sprayer to your toilet for easy rinsing. 

3. Perfect Bath Temperature

A soothing bath can be just the trick for a fussy baby, especially before bedtime. It’s also an excellent opportunity to elicit smiles and giggles using bath toys and bubbles. But how do you know whether the water is too hot or too cold for your baby’s delicate skin?

Take the guesswork out of getting the temperature just right. Temp2O Technology (available for hand shower) features an easy-to-read LED digital display, with a background color indicator that will make it clear when the water temperature is safe.