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4 Design Savvy Ways to Hang a Mirror

Bathroom mirrors are typically found in two places: above the vanity and behind the door, where you’ll usually find the standard full-body version. These normal locations are perfectly fine but unoriginal. Mirrors don’t have to be hung in utilitarian locations, nor must they only be considered useful tools in the bathroom. Mirrors can help elevate your bathroom décor from pretty to posh. How do you make this happen? Give the mirror the opportunity to shine by flipping the script on how it’s displayed. Here, we offer a few tips on how to take bathroom mirror placement to the next level.
Window Dressing
Hang the mirror in front of a window. Yes, you read that correctly. If you are lucky enough to have a window over your vanity, hanging a mirror in front of it can be an unexpected design detail. The mirror shouldn’t obscure the window. You still want space for light to shine through, creating the ultimate backlighting scenario. Play with the shape of the mirror to bring additional visual interest—think circular, oval or triangular mirrors. This setup will look especially good if the mirror is hung from an interesting rope or a leather or decorative strap. Pro tip: Decorate the back of your mirror with funky wallpaper or a calming coat of paint, since you’ll be able to see it from outside your home!
Funhouse Favorites
If your vanity is tucked into a nook, you’re in luck. Mirroring the three walls surrounding the vanity will create an opportunity to see yourself reflected from all sides (including the back). Yes, the effect is entertaining and useful, and that’s what good design is—a combination of wit and practicality in a beautiful package.
Wall of Reflection
Go bold and cover a wall with a giant, seamless mirror. If not the entire wall, consider a thinner mirror strip that runs its full length. Mirrors aren’t wallpaper, so there’s no need to fear an overwhelming pattern or unpleasant hue. Light will reflect off the surface and expand the space.
Lean Back
Mirrors don’t have to be anchored to a wall. Leaning a framed mirror on a shelf over the vanity or placing it on the vanity itself provides an interesting twist. By displaying the mirror like art, you’ll add a touch of unexpected cool to your interior, thus reinventing the idea of a useful tool. Just as important, reinvention makes for Pinterest-worthy décor.