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living room with yellow chair

Whether you're decorating or renovating a home designed for a Millennial in mind, eager to stay on top of the latest design trends or simply can’t get enough of all things housing industry, these predictions from Judd Lord, Delta Faucet Company’s director of industrial design, will keep you ahead of the curve.

A Perfect Pairing

Gone are the days of wall-to-wall industrial metals and floor-to-ceiling wood. Millennials are looking for a combination of the two—creating the best of both worlds. Wood provides a soft and inviting feel, while the metals keep the space looking modern. Together, the two marry to complete the ultimate cozy-luxurious look.

Smooth is Out

It was not uncommon for Millennials to grow up holding and touching smooth, hard, flat surfaces, such as tablets and phones, so it is no surprise that now they are interested in adding textured items to their home. They look for carved chairs and partially rusted metals to provide them with the sensory experience that their childhood lacked.

Made You Look

The lines between casual and luxury have blurred, meaning it has become quite common for Gen Yers to trade down to trade up. This group will spend more on a signature statement piece, such as a sectional, picture window, sculptural element or fireplace, and purchase other items at more entry-level price points to make up for it. In fact, the majority of luxury product sales are attributed to Americans with household incomes of less than $100,000 per year.

Keep it Minimal

Bye-bye clutter. Millennials do not want to fill their homes with stuff. Instead, they prefer to be choosy when buying their items—looking for pieces that will provide additional functionality to the room. Space is to be appreciated instead of used. Multitasking products are a Millennial’s best friend because they accomplish several uses, ensuring extra space does not have to be use.

When designing for Millennials, it is important to keep up on the latest trends and determine how they can fit into this group’s unique lifestyle.