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4 Soap Situations, Cured

How a little technology can save your sanity at the sink

You’re already fighting a losing battle at the sink—dirty dishes in the kitchen, toothpaste smears in the bathroom; you don’t need your soap situation to add to the drama. Electronic soap dispensers with Touch2O.xt Technology are here to save the day.

1. Your bulky, gunky soap dispenser is a blot on your #sinkscape. Hello, electronic soap dispenser that blends seamlessly into your sink’s surroundings. With six finishes available, you can pick one in the same hue as your faucet for maximum camouflage potential. Bonus: It works with hand soap, dish soap, lotion or hand sanitizer, so go nuts.

2. Your hands are filthy, and now your soap pump is too. You know what would help? The ability to go hands-free. The entire soap dispenser acts as a sensor (no erratic infrared sensor window here), so the suds are automatically dispensed when your hands are about an inch away. Germs, dirt and other muck goes directly down the drain, instead of getting left behind on your pump.

3. All those soap drips are making your sink look like a Jackson Pollock. You have better things to do than wipe up soapy dribbles all day. That’s why this beauty has magic* technology inside to help prevent drips.

4. If you had a nickel for every time your kid over-squirted … You get to choose the amount of soap dispensed, from 1 (least) to 5 (most), to ensure the littlest hands aren’t going overboard—or skimping.

*Also known as a concealed silicone-coated check-valve. But we prefer “magic.”