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The 5 Bubble Beards All Kids Should Master

Mustache or mutton chops? How ’bout both.

A tub full of bubbles occupies kids for, oh, say, 5 minutes? That’s barely enough time for marker smudges and ketchup smears to vanish. Extend the life of a bubble bath with a test: Challenge your little ones to conquer these facial hair styles using only bubbles. They get to test-drive a few beards, you get some silly Instagram fodder; win-win!

1. The Burt Reynolds

Burt’s bushy ’70s ’stache never goes out of style. Bonus points for using bubbles on top to mimic Bandit’s wavy hairdo.


2. The Professor

Somewhere between 5 o’clock shadow and Tom Hanks in “Cast Away” lies this closely cropped, very studious beard.


3. The Santa Claus

How many bubbles can one baby face hold? Pile ’em on and find out.


4. The Hipster

Like so many relics of the ’90s, the goatee is back—mustache optional.


5. The Wolverine

Perhaps the most difficult bubble beard to master, mutton chops hinge on their clean definitions at the corners of the mouth. Can’t get clear lines with bubbles? Channel President Martin van Buren instead.