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The 5 Easiest Ways to Save the World, Ever

Go green the simple way with these quick tips

Suffering from a case of Green Guilt? That’s the technical term for feeling awful about not being as eco-friendly as you could be. We’ve got the cure: Follow these super-simple, practically effortless Earth-saving tips, then share them with friends for bonus points in your karma bank.

1. Never skip dessert to do a mountain of dishes by hand again. Just load up the machine. Honestly.

2. Embrace the 5 o’clock shadow—or go full-on handlebar mustache. Either way, every time you skip a shave, you'll save water.

3. Save time (and the big bucks you’ve been spending on fancy-shmancy bath oil) and trade long soaks in the tub for brisk showers.

4. Slowly, slowly … there, now. Put down the plunger and call in a pro: A toilet tune-up can save water big-time.

5. Your thinking is spot-on: A wet tissue decomposes faster than a dry one. But flushing it down wastes at least 1 gallon of water. Throw it in the trash—or try a hanky!