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5 Life-Changing Hacks for Your Kitchen

Looking for a few new good ideas to use in the kitchen? Here are a few hacks you might not have tried. If you have any other brilliant kitchen hacks, share us with them on social media!

Flip the Story on Magazine Storage

Pick some pretty magazine storage files and turn them on their sides to store water bottles vertically in cabinets. Want to go totally frugal? Cut a cardboard cereal box in the same shape, and then cover it with wrapping or contact paper to suit your style. 

When you open the cabinet, you’ll quickly know which bottle to grab, because the tops will all be facing you.

Smoothies in a Cinch

Designate a couple of ice cube trays for smoothie cubes. Rather than adding ice to your smoothies (which can water things down as the cubes melt), freeze coconut or almond milk. Gather your ingredients and use half the amount of liquid you’d normally use. Next, pop in a few frozen milk cubes for a frosty treat.

Low-Hanging Snacks

Want to make snacks more accessible to your kids? Grab a hanging shoe-holder and give it a home in the pantry or on the back of a kitchen door. Fill it with single-serving packs of crackers, cookies, fruit snacks or yogurt-covered raisins. Your little ones will enjoy being able to see through the clear plastic sleeves and making their own choices.

Rake Boss

The garden shed seems like a strange place to find a tool for kitchen organization, but you might be surprised. If you find an old metal rake, you’ve got a great vertical storage solution. Clean it up and spray-paint it in a metallic or bold color. Hang it somewhere handy and use the prongs to hang your kitchen utensils for easy access.

Release the Tension

If you’ve got a lot of cleaning products in spray bottles, a tension rod can help you get them organized. Under-sink space is a precious commodity, so hang the bottles on the rod by their nozzles to free up space on the bottom shelf.

Want to Make Your Kitchen Even More Efficient?

Check out Delta kitchen faucets with Touch2O technology. You can tap anywhere on the spout or handle with your hand, wrist or forearm to start and stop the flow of water. No more sticky, gooey or dirty faucet!