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5-Minute Songs for the Shower

Save water and get the day off to a rockin' start by timing your clean routine to these tunes

It's easy to lose track of time in the shower. The enveloping cascade of warm water combined with the intoxicating scent of coconut-mango body wash lulls the average American into spending about 8 minutes in the shower each day, which, according to the EPA, translates to 20 gallons of water down the drain.

Luckily, there are some easy ways to cut down on the waste. First, install a more efficient showerhead; for example Delta H2Okinetic® Technology results in showers that use less water but feel totally luxurious. Second, learn to shower more efficiently.

According to efficiency experts, 5 minutes is the gold standard of shower time: long enough to soap/shampoo/condition/rinse, short enough to save a ton of water each month.

One easy way to measure your success is by timing your shower to music. We put together a shower playlist, starting with tunes that clock in at just over 5 minutes; the times get shorter as you run down the list. If you can turn off the spray before the last notes of "Bobby McGee," at 4:28, consider yourself a shower savant. On your mark, get set, lather!

Fat Boy Slim, “Praise You” (5:23)
Jefferson Starship, “We Built this City” (4:54)
Justin Timberlake, “Mirrors” (4:34)
Adele, “Hello” (4:55)
Coldplay, “Clocks” (5:08)
Michael Jackson, “Billie Jean” (4:54)
Lynyrd Skynyrd, “Sweet Home Alabama” (4:44)
Red Hot Chili Peppers, “Dani California” (4:43)
U2, “Walk On” (4:56)
Aerosmith, “Sweet Emotion” (4:34)
Mumford and Sons, “I Will Wait” (4:37)
Coldplay, “Adventure Of A Lifetime” (4:45)
John Legend, “All of Me” (5:07)
Janis Joplin, "Me and Bobby McGee" (4:28)