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6 Mess Lovers Who Prove Cleanliness is Overrated

These pros make a living making a mess

Some say cleanliness is godliness, but we think these six professional mess-makers would disagree. We teamed up with lifestyle site PureWow to visit these creative forces—among them, a gardener, a beauty editor and a Rice Krispie treats artist—who not only need disarray; they thrive on it. Meet the folks who make a living making a #HappiMess.

Sophie Gamand, photographer

If you’ve ever given a dog a bath, you’ll be amazed not only by Sophie’s ability to wrangle wet dogs, but how she keeps them calm and sitting long enough to get adorable photos.

Eliza Blank, pro gardener

As founder of potted-plant empire The Sill, Eliza’s up to her elbows in soil all day—and happily hasn’t had a manicure in years.

Naomi Stein, interior designer

Spreading out swatches and playing with paint inpsires Naomi to create eye-catching spaces; watch her festoon her own kitchen in flashy magenta stripes.

Keoni Hudoba, fitness expert

Being a fitness trainer and creator of the Cyc method means Keoni sweats at least three hours each day … and he wouldn’t have it any other way.

Jessica Siskin, food artist

Jessica gave up a career in fashion to make (almost) too-cute-to-eat Rice Krispie sculptures. No, really!

Polly Blitzer, beauty editor

Lipstick streaks to eyeliner scribbles, smears of color everywhere are all in a day’s work for the editor of Beauty Blitz.