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The 7 Bathroom Habits That Drive Couples Crazy

No question, there’s a lot to complain about when you share a bathroom. We’ve got simple solutions that will wash the problems away.

1. Clogging the sink with hair (and stubble).

Keep a box of tissues or disinfectant wipes near your bathroom sink as a reminder to clean it out before exiting the room.

2. Leaving the toothpaste tube uncapped.

Switch brands—plenty of toothpastes now come with nonremovable caps, clearly the invention of a couple’s therapist.

3. Hogging the bathroom in the morning.

Create morning schedules, assigning the early slot to whomever leaves the house first. And instead of screaming, “Your time’s up—get out!”, set your phone’s timer to a brisk but friendly tune that will alert the bather it’s time to dry off.

4. Tossing wet towels on the floor.

If it’s not your towel, leave it where it landed rather than grudgingly hanging it up. Before long (the next morning?), the wet-towel user will realize how soggy terrycloth feels against a freshly showered body and will promptly hang it up.

5. Using the last of the toilet paper.

No one wants to reach over and find that—surprise!—the roll is empty. Keep a supply within arm’s length; a basket on the floor works if the nearest shelf is across the room.

6. Borrowing each other’s products.

If you’re particular about personal grooming items—your designer shampoo or miracle razor—stash them in a plastic organizer under the sink. Out of sight, out of reach.

7. Leaving the toilet seat up.

Most fixes seem tacky, like sticking a “Put Me Down” vinyl decal on the seat. The best solution: Train your kids to do the right thing. There’s hope for future generations.