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7 Reasons to Finally Fix That Leaky Faucet

If there’s a constant drip, drip, drip in your kitchen or bathroom sink, save money, the earth and your sanity by repairing the faucet now!

It’s not your imagination—that sound you hear is your kitchen (or bathroom) faucet dripping. Don’t ignore it; call the plumber today, or put it at the top of your to-do list. Here’s why.

1. You’ll save on your water bill.

Imagine throwing three gallons of milk down the drain every day—you’d never do it, because that would be a phenomenal waste of money (and milk). Now imagine throwing three gallons of water down the drain. If you have a leaky faucet, that’s what you’re doing. According to the Environmental Protection Agency, fixing all the leaks in your home could save you 10 percent of your current bill, and that could be a nice chunk of change.

2. It could cause water damage.

A leaky faucet can escalate from an annoyance to a major problem, where mold grows on your ceilings, floors and walls. And if your homeowner’s insurance doesn’t cover a neglected or unresolved maintenance issue like a leak, you’ll have to shell out the money to pay for mold cleanup.

3. The constant dripping is driving you nuts.

You might not hear it until the house is quiet and you’re trying to catch some ZZZs, but then there it is: Drip. Pause. Drip. Pause. Putting a pillow over your head to cover your ears won’t help. The only way to stop the noise is to stop the problem.

4. You’ll have the perfect reason to upgrade your faucet.

Maybe you’ve had your eye on a Touch20 faucet, which lets you start and stop the flow of water by tapping it with your hand, wrist or forearm. Or you’ve wanted a spray wand in your sink that snaps back into place (look for a faucet with MagnaTite docking). Now’s the time to go for it! Don’t worry about matching your new faucet to the room’s existing fixtures (cabinets, pulls, appliances), since eclectic is a hot look today. Just keep the look cohesive: For example, if you install a contemporary faucet in a traditional kitchen, pick a classic finish for the faucet. 

5. You just bought a new Allen wrench and are jonesing to use it.

Taking on home projects is a lot more fun when you’ve got new tools to play with.

6. It’s not that hard or expensive to fix.

Many leaky faucets just need new seats and springs, and replacing them is a pretty simple job. Before calling a plumber, you may want to try tackling it yourself. Follow our step-by-step instructions—in minutes, you’ll be done!

7. You’ll be doing something good for the environment.

By fixing a leak, you’re conserving water, and that’s a win for planet Earth: The less water diverted from rivers, bays and estuaries, the better shape the environment will be in. Look for Delta WaterSense labeled products to take your conservation efforts to the next level.