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7 Smart Ways to Document Your Before and After

The budget is set, the paint is picked and you’re ready to start the home renovation project of your dreams. When it’s finished, the change will be dramatic and worthy of an article on your favorite home-improvement website or a share on social media. Want to make sure you properly capture the project for posterity (or a discerning editor)? Here are seven things to do to get your project the appreciation it deserves:

  1. Photo Finish: Make sure you’ve got a camera handy before you rip up the first stitch of carpet. Take clear, bright pictures from all angles of the room or rooms before you remove any personal items. You can take more photos once the space is empty, but you’ll remember it best as you saw it every day. When the project is complete, take images from the same angles for a true comparison. If your camera has a date stamp that shows up on images, turn it off.
  2. Write It Down: A large project deserves its own notebook, folder or file. Keep a list of all the supplies you have purchased, file the contact information and invoices from the contractors you’ve used, and catalog the images you’ve taken.
  3. Label-Maker: Become a label-maker and carefully tag any items temporarily removed from the space. Label your supplies to make sure you have everything you need before work begins. It’s better to catch a mistake while there’s still time to correct it without throwing off your schedule.
  4. Part of the Process: Don’t forget to take photos during the project. Images and descriptions of what’s under your floors and behind your walls could prove invaluable in the future. How often do you have access to the inner workings of your home?
  5. Lessons Learned: Be sure to record any flubs that happened during your project. These could prove useful for your next effort and invaluable to anyone else wanting to try the same project. Be willing to share your entire process, even the side steps and missteps.
  6. Reach Out: The products you choose for your remodel are likely being considered by other home-renovation hopefuls. Reach out to the companies on social media (like Delta Faucet!) by tagging them and sharing your images. If you’ve done a good job, you might just get a featured spot and some fan recognition for a job well done.

Whether you share your home-renovation project with the world or just keep some files on your laptop, proper project documentation could prove beneficial. Store your files in a safe place and you’ll always have them as a reference for your next dream project.