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7 Ways to Maximize Wasted Space in a Small Kitchen

When you’re constantly clanking your elbows on the kitchen cabinets, cooking can seem like more of a chore than a fun family activity. Does it seem like you never have enough counter space, storage or room to really enjoy your kitchen? There are probably some spots that can be optimized to free up some precious space. Here are a few places to consider and a few tips to follow when looking for more space in the heart of your home:

  1. Is there a false drawer under your kitchen sink? Replace it with a foldout drawer if you can fit one around the sink. If there’s not ample room, remove the false drawer and replace it with a paper-towel holder to free up some precious countertop real estate.
  2. Do you dry your dishes in a rack on the countertop? Try a roll-up drying rack that fits over your sink when it’s not in use. It can be easily rolled up and stored when dishes are done.
  3. Are you in need of a better place to store fruits and veggies that don’t need to be refrigerated? Hang a garden wall planter or a shower caddy and store your produce vertically.
  4. Have your cutting boards started to encroach on the space used for rolling out your dough? Tie a small cord to the hole at the end of each board and hang them from pegs at the end of a counter. If there’s enough room, you can also hang colanders in the same fashion.
  5. Are your cabinets overflowing with souvenir mugs from your latest trip? Add a small, shallow wall shelf to hold them. You could also add some hooks underneath the shelf to hang whisks, spoons and other cooking tools.
  6. Is the space under your kitchen sink a disorganized mess of cleaning supplies and assorted odds and ends? Install stacking drawers that can hold your sponges, wipes and sprays to keep them tidy and out of the way. Making use of the vertical space under the sink is key!
  7. Does your coffeemaker take up more than its fair share of space on the counter? Consider moving your java to a hot beverage station in a different room (like the dining room) that’s easily accessible to guests. You just won back enough space to make dinner!

Kitchen space is a precious commodity, especially when there is limited square footage in your floor plan. If a larger kitchen is years away, these tips will help you enjoy your current digs more by giving function to unused space. Let’s get cooking!