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8 Signs Your Dog Needs a Bath

Is your pooch overdue for a scrub? Here’s how to tell whether Fido needs a soak, stat.

There’s no love lost when it comes to doggie baths in your house: Ol’ Rover hates getting them as much as you hate giving them. But there comes a point (a very stinky point) when you’ll just have to roll up your sleeves. Here’s how to tell whether your dog is past the point of no return.

1. He’s officially the “smelly kid” at the dog park.

And is that pointer pointing at him, or are you just being paranoid?

2. The dog brings you a sponge instead of your newspaper.

If he joins you in the shower, he really means business.

3. A neighbor scribbles “smell” beneath your BEWARE OF DOG sign.

Apparently, “Mastiff Must” isn’t a popular scent?

4. Family game night now includes “I Spy” in the dog’s fur.

I spy with my little eye … a leaf! Half a Post-it note! A cookie crumb! Wait, no, that’s a Cheerio!

5. The dog’s dragging his behind across your carpet.

Is that the boot-scootin’ boogie, or canine twerking?

6. Fleas have surpassed motels and are now erecting luxury resorts.

We hear the nightclub will be particularly buzz-worthy.

7. The kids already gave him a bath.

But instead of doggie shampoo, they used an entire can of shaving cream.

8. He tracked muddy footprints through the house …

… and suddenly you realize, THAT’S NOT MUD.

TIP: Baths don’t have to be bummers. Follow our guide to dog-washing.