Interior designer Katrina Stumbos, owner and founder of Four Design in Sacramento, Calif., was asked to renovate this hall bathroom for clients who had just bought a California ranch home. “The house dated to the ‘50s, but the only updates ever done were things like a new linoleum floor over an old linoleum floor, so it was time for a serious upgrade,” Stumbos says. The couple wanted to spend $10,000 or less, so she kept the layout the same, since moving the plumbing would have considerably increased costs. Then she took a look at their wish list and mapped out a plan.

The walls, which hadn’t been well maintained by the previous owner, were scraped, retextured and painted an elegant shade of gray. Stumbos also opted to paint the ceiling the same color. “Because it’s a fairly small space, we wanted some pop,” she says. The scraping process revealed dry rot but no major issues like mold, so Stumbos didn’t need to dip into the emergency fund she sets aside for unforeseen issues (especially important with older home and bathroom renovations). Then, she selected a classic white tile floor to replace the cracked, crumbling tiles the owners had inherited; the modern pattern of dark gray diamonds echoes the wall color.

The couple was willing to spend the money on a fully tiled shower, which they opted to outfit with classic white subway tiles and a showerhead equipped with H2Okinetic Technology from the Delta Cassidy collection. The wife wanted a top-quality door that was stain-resistant, watertight and showed off the tub’s interior. “This was an area where we really wanted a visual impact,” Stumbos says. Since the husband is taller than 6 feet, the tile level and new showerhead were raised to accommodate him. Rather than spend extra money moving wall studs to carve out a nook for toiletry bottles, Stumbos had a simple glass shelf installed permanently into the tile’s grout line.

Next, the aging vanity and bare-bones mirror had to go. But rather than spending a bundle on a new, custom-built vanity, Stumbos scored a ready-made replacement at a home improvement store, then accessorized it with glass crystal knobs. The countertop is a quartz remnant that Stumbos found at a stone yard and had fabricated and installed, and a glam Cassidy Two Handle Wide Spread Faucet replaced the old plastic model. Finally, she scooped up a stylish new mirror for less than $100 at a discount home store.