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The Bath: Trending Toward Nature


Featuring sink faucet and showering system from the Zura Bath Collection | Tesla wall mount lavatory faucet | Featuring sink and tub faucets and a showering system from the Trinsic Bath collection in Champagne Bronze.

The sights and sounds of nature create a sense of tranquility and comfort. That is why the trend of natural elements in home decor is the perfect fit for the bathroom. From the organic and beautiful imperfections of stone and wood to a flood of natural light streaming through a large picture window, simple earthy elements can create an oasis in your own home. To create this look, don’t be afraid to mix textures like smooth stone countertops with rough wood grains. They all come from the earth, which is why they are flawlessly complementary. By creating a backdrop rich with earthy muted tones—as paint or stone-textured wall and floor tiles—all of the natural elements you introduce will stand out. In addition, sink and shower faucets in a variety of finishes like Chrome, Champagne Bronze or Matte Black add a touch of shine to this natural landscape. But looks aren’t the only way to bring nature inside. Shower heads that create natural cascades of water complete the feeling of being outside. When accessorizing, think about incorporating extras like a lush green plant nestled in a marble tray or a clay bowl filled with light-colored pebbles. Various textures, finishes, warm tones and more create an inviting, nature-inspired escape in the comfort of your own bath.