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bathroom measurement graphic

You might not have given much thought to how many inches there should be between a toilet and the adjacent wall, but you’ve certainly noticed if there isn’t enough space. If you’ve ever experienced a too-low shower head or a vanity that’s too close to a toilet, you know what we mean. It’s no fun to have to hunch down to rinse your hair or strain to reach a towel.

In a perfectly balanced bathroom, you probably won’t notice the height or proportion of things because they feel right. If you’re planning a renovation or just want to add a few improvements, keep these numbers in mind. By following these guidelines, towels will be easy to reach, drawers will have plenty of room to open and you’ll have light in all the right places.

Placing towel and grab bars at just the right height is a critical element of universal design, which is all about designing spaces for the people who use them. Products are available that can be used for assistance when standing or sitting. Décor Assist towel bars, corner shelves and toilet paper holders come in many styles and finishes, so they blend well with any fixtures you choose.

Planning to share a bathroom with your spouse who is much taller than you? Adding adaptable and adjustable elements such as a hand shower can be a helpful solution for a bathroom that will be used by people of disparate heights. Hand showers even come in handy for keeping Fido clean or bathing children. By being thoughtful about which elements and measurements you use, your bathroom will feel like a perfect fit for everyone.

These measurement recommendations are based on guidelines from the building and design industry. Use them as a starting point and adapt them to your own preferences to create a bathroom that feels right for you. Be sure to comply with any local building codes for safety.

Around the toilet:
Height of a toilet seat: 17” to 19”
Height of toilet paper holder: 26”
Distance between the center of a toilet and a wall or obstacle: 16” to 18”

In the Shower:
Ideal height of a shower head: 77” to 81”
Height of grab bars in shower stalls and bathrooms: 33” to 36”

Near the Sink:
Clearance in front of vanity, toilet or tub: 30”
Height of a pedestal sink: 32” to 36”
Height of a vanity sconces for eye level: 60” to 72”
Height of towel bar: 48”