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Bathroom Mirrors That Match Your Personal Style

Mirrors can be the ultimate design piece. They’re practical, and they can create dramatic impact in any room. For bathrooms in particular, mirrors can elevate the sense of space and design. That said, finding the perfect mirror for your bathroom—or any space—can be difficult. So, how can you find that dream mirror that works for you and your bathroom?
Here are three factors to keep in mind when picking a new bathroom mirror:
Like mirrors, bathrooms come in all sizes. Looking at your space will help determine what size mirror will fit best in the room and align with your design goals.
If you want your mirror to be the focal point of your bathroom design, consider a large mirror. If the mirror is going to be an accent piece, opt for a smaller one that won’t overpower other design elements.
The shape of any object can impact the tone and feel of a room. Coupled with a mirror’s ability to create a larger sense of space, the shape of a mirror can set the mood. Curved or circular mirrors tend to create a softer, calmer mood compared with their angular square and rectangular counterparts.
The height or width of a mirror can also accentuate different parts of the bathroom. For example, if you have high ceilings, consider a taller mirror to show off the space.
Remember, you can also group multiple mirrors in an art gallery-type wall display to create shapes fit for your bathroom and personal aesthetic. 
In the end, the mirror that will work best for you and your bathroom comes down to your unique style. Luckily, mirrors and their frames come in a variety of textures, patterns, ornamentation and colors fit for every individual. Pick the mirror that best suits your design tastes for a bathroom aesthetic you can be proud of.
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